About Patane
About Patane

Location - Creating the Taste

The hub of the Patane business is located at the corner of Pead and Old Coast Roads Myalup, situated approximately 125 kms from the Canning Vale markets and Coles/Woolworths receival centres in Perth.

The property of 80 hectares includes growing areas, administration buildings and several packing complexes.

This property is supplemented by several other properties in close proximity which contribute to a total growing area of approximately 440ha. All farms are run in accordance with 'Vegetables WA Good Practice Guide'.

Farm Ops - A Perfect Place to Grow

Patane Produce houses a state-of-the-art facility for quality vegetable production, supply and delivery.

After the washing & hydro cooling, the produce enters the property's large grading shed where a team of qualified graders meticulously sort each individual item by hand prior to its arrival at the packaging shed.

Patane Produce has a fully accredited transport division with three trucks, all equipped with refrigeration units and insulated taut liner curtains. All drivers are fully trained in OHS and specific Quality Assurance Programme requirements. Patane deliver to Perth every day and often several times per day.