Nadine Potatoes

The Classic Nadine variety is short and oval in shape, with cream skin and white flesh.

Available all year round, the Nadine is ideal for boiling and salads

Nadines also make the best mash and can be used for roasting or microwaving.

Unfortunately these are not the best for frying

When buying Nadines be sure they are not spongy, wrinkled or green coloured if you are cooking them whole choose similar sized potatoes for even cooking. Be careful not to drop them they will bruise.

When storing your Nadine’s pick a cool, dry place away from the light. A potato bag can help.

Patane Potatoes – leading the way

Patane Produce is leading the way in the potato growing industry, introducing new varieties and developing a reputation for a high quality end product.

Second in production capacity only to carrots, Patane’s potatoes are a high quality crop, farmed from some of the richest growing soils in the state.

Ruby Lou Potatoes

Ruby Lou is another classic potato variety growing in popularity. With its pinky-red skin and white flesh, it makes perfect mash and its longer shape makes it great for chips.

Ruby Lou is available all year round and with the skins on, it can add some great colour to a potato salad.

Potatoes and your health

Not many people know that Potatoes are a fantastic source of Vitamin C. Just one potato provides half the daily required amount of Vitamin C.

Potatoes are also packed with Potassium and can give you twice as much as a humble banana.

Potatoes have received a ‘bad rep’ due to their high carbohydrate content, but remember that carbohydrates are essential in a balanced diet. Instead, think about what you have with potatoes – less butter and cream perhaps!

Royal Blue Potatoes

The Royal Blue is a longer, oval shaped potato variety. They have bright purple skin and yellow flesh, which contains a slightly sweeter flavour.

Royal Blue’s make the best mash, roasts and fries, and also retain their shape well for salads. They are available all year round.

To skin or not to skin?

Recent research has seen the true nutritional value of the potato skin. It contains most of the fibre content in the potato and a fraction of the fat, and it is also a great source of protein.

Leaving the skin on can add great texture to mashed potato, roasts and chips. Potato skins are also yummy all by themselves, fried or baked.